The Ritual

Live music is an institution, and there’s nothing like it, especially at the Pub. Our “rituals” will have you clinking pints with the best of ‘em and transport you to a gold ole Pub enjoying the night with all your best mates.

Music Introduction

Our talent for the night deserves only the best introduction, it sets the tone for the performance. We always get the crowd ready to celebrate the band or artist that's about to hit the stage.

The HandBell

Invented in the 1600-early 1700s the handbell is our secret weapon. Need the attention of the full room, enter the handbell. When you hear the bell, you know you’re in for a good time.

The Sociable

The night hasn’t officially begun until the Pub is serenaded by the sweet sound of clinking glasses - and throughout the night, it’s the time to toast the moment – great friends, great music and great pints.